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Quality Time

Quality time with our grandson, S.J.:

R.I.P. Sundance Landry

Sundance Landry passed from this world today, and the world is lesser for it.

Read the whole story on my blog.

S.J. napping

Our grandson, S.J., napping:

S.J. at 17 days

S.J. at 17 days:

S.J. at 17 days old

Sundance and Oakley

Sundance, the patriarch of the family, and Oakley, our new pup.

Our Grandson

Yesterday, my wife and I had the pleasure of meeting our grandson for the first time. Ladies and gentlemen, may I present Siraj Jamar “S.J.” Holt:

Given the lighting of the location, the fact that I wanted to avoid flash, and that I brought my 24-120 f/4 instead of my “nifty 50,” I really had to crank the ISO, but the only other option was not getting any shot at all, so…

More and better photos will be forthcoming.

Merry Christmas, indeed.


Roses for my wife.


My daughter.


Grabbing lunch with my wife.