Month: August 2017

Great American Eclipse 2017: The Whole Shebang


The Great American Eclipse of 2017, as seen from Mt. Juliet, Tennessee (a.k.a. my version of the eclipse composite).

Great American Eclipse 2017: Totality’s End


The end of totality.  The very next frame I shot was a complete blow-out (shot without the solar filter).  This is probably my favorite shot of the entire ~3 hour eclipse.



Great American Eclipse 2017: “Death Star” Sun

The Sun, imitating the Death Star, at the beginning of the eclipse.

Great American Eclipse 2017: Totality

The start of totality from Mt. Juliet, Tennessee.  Breathtaking.

Ears up!

The Moon is nearly full

Waxing Gibbous Moon (97.4% full):

I know this is a pretty plain, uneventful photo, but nonetheless I feel compelled to give a shout-out to the fine folks at PhotoPills.  PhotoPills is one hell of an app—most photographers use it to create stunning astronomical photos, but I’m just getting started with the app, so it’s enough that it let me know when the Moon would appear on the back side of my house where I’m shielded from street lights… Thanks!


This is our son, Justin, just getting home from work about six weeks ago.

Last night he finished moving out into his own place, marking the end of an era… bittersweet.